Bacon egg and cheese muffins

bacon egg and cheese muffins

Meet the most epic breakfast of all time: bacon, egg and cheese muffins. All you need is a jumbo muffin tin and a big appetite. Spray muffin tin. Line each spot with a bacon around the edges. Whip all eggs. Mix in cheese and other desired toppings. Evenly pour the egg mix into each spot . Jun 3, These Bacon Egg & Cheese Bites are quick, easy and oh so tasty! Divide the mixture into 24 mini muffin cups and sprinkle with some more. Making Bacon Egg and Cheese Muffins

Bacon egg and cheese muffins -

If you want to freeze the bites, let them cool completely then wrap each bite individually in plastic wrap and transfer to a large freezer zip lock bag. Enter your registered email below! The best thing about these muffins is the whole family will love . bacon egg and cheese muffins