Beef cheese ball

beef cheese ball

This is a favorite cocktail-party item, using cream cheese and dried beef, seasoned with Worcestershire sauce and green onions. Recipe can be multiplied . Try our Dried Beef Cheese Ball today. Dried Beef Cheese Ball includes LEA & PERRINS Worcestershire and PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese for a remarkable. I often double the recipe, making one really large cheese ball. I got this from This is dependent upon how small you want your dried beef to be. I usually dice.

Beef cheese ball -

You may also like. Hope to see you next week for the Holly Bloggy Christmas. Dec 19, Beef And Cheddar Cheeseball - I think cheeseballs get a bad rap sometimes. I still love them, and I always include this beef and cheddar. Mar 26, This is my absolute favorite cheeseball. It's my mother's chipped or dried beef cheeseball. She has made it for every holiday and get together. Another version of the classic cream cheese, dried beef, and green onion combination. It can be varied by adding bacon bits, ground nuts, chopped olives, . Jo Harris: Dried Beef Cheese Ball