Beehive cheese

beehive cheese

Recipes featuring Beehive Cheese. Barely Buzzed is our most popular cheese and is considered by many to be a. Beehive Cheese Company's award-winning Barely Buzzed is a bold cheddar flavored with lavender and espresso. Made lovingly in Utah from pasteurized. beehive cheese Beehive Cheese Rundown Beehive Cheese retail shop Our retail shop is located at the mouth of the. From corporate to artisan: Brothers-in-law Pat Ford and Tim Welsh are passionate about their handmade cheese! When you take a bite of Beehive Cheese. Barely Buzzed is a full-bodied, cheddar-style cheese with a nutty flavor and smooth Farm / Company: Beehive Cheese. Cheesemaker: Beehive Cheese.