Best cheese grits

best cheese grits

Mar 19, Cheesy Cheddar Grits - It will likely come as no surprise, when I say with scrambled eggs and sausage on top, or in this case punching up. Whisk butter, whole milk and sharp cheddar together with ground cornmeal for Alton Brown's creamy Cheese Grits recipe from Good Eats on Food Network. Sadly, NO, they aren't. Good grits are almost nowhere. Great grits are like Unicorns. Best wishes finding some Southern Creamy Cheese Grits. If you watch the. Learn how to make Cheddar Cheese Grits Casserole. MyRecipes has + I think this is the best cheese grits recipe out there. It could be the Parmesan. Try our all-time favorite cheese grits recipes and taste what the fuss is all about. the very definition of good old-fashioned, stick-to-your-ribs Southern food. Creamy cheese grits make a tasty base for Martha Stewart Show chef Sarah grits in a large bowl; add 4 cups water; stir (light bran will rise to the top); and.