Blue cheese health benefits

blue cheese health benefits

Blue cheese might look unusual, but it offers great health benefits. Blue cheese has a blue or blue-green mold running through it called Penicillium roqueforti. Dec 27, Blue cheese is a special type of cheese with many health benefits. To know more about this heart healthy variety of cheese, read on. Dec 22, A new study has linked blue cheese to better heart health leading to AFP reported that the benefits of the cheese work best in the gut and just.

: Blue cheese health benefits

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Is Blue Cheese Good for You? Department of Agriculture and U. Saturday 14 July Lactobacillus not only helps with the breakdown of food in your body, it also helps create an unfriendly environment for harmful bacteria. Diet to Lose 20 Pounds in Postmenopausal Women. Dec 17, The properties of the blue cheese, which is aged in caves in the south of live in the country enjoy good health despite favouring a diet high in. Sep 28, Blue cheese, a white cheese which owes its name to the shades of blue acquired during its aging process, is a strongly flavored cheese. Nov 17, Good news for cheese lovers: that block of dairy delightfulness could which is found in blue cheese (among other things), can boost heart health and start eating the stuff religiously, take note that the benefits of spermidine. Health Benefits of Roquefort Cheese blue cheese health benefits