Blue cheese strain

blue cheese strain

Blue Cheese marijuana strain is an Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. The breeders of this herb remain unknown. The pot is a great mood picker upper. Oct 1, Find information about the Blue Cheese cannabis strain including reviews from other users, its most common effects, where to find it, and more. Blue Cheese genetics can be linked to a cross between two classic cannabis strains: Blueberry and Cheese. The buds are small .

: Blue cheese strain

CROCK POT MACARONI AND CHEESE Pass a Drug Test. Click here blue cheese strain log in. Gift Guide for Canna-Connoisseurs. It is well known by the marijuana community, that the Cheese family of strains is oddly reminiscent of actual cheese, causing the name to accurately represent what one can expect of these buds. It will make an otherwise physically active stoner become intensely lazy and potentially crabby for the better part of the day.
CHUCK E CHEESE VISALIA As noted, Blue Cheese is also famously pungent, so if discretion is a primary concern, growers should isolate outdoor plants and invest in odor control measures for indoor plants like carbon filters. The high point of this strain for sure, the aroma was a wonderfully pungent mix of sweet blueberry and sharp, musky, putrid elements… which, yes, can be described as smelling like cheese. The blue cheese strain flowering period can be a plus, meaning more harvest seasons per year if you choose to cultivate indoors. Big Shrimp scampi mac and cheese Seeds, for instance, is often credited with bringing a perfected Blue Cheese strain to the commercial market. Gift Guide for On-the-Go Consumers. Parents of Blue Cheese.
Blue cheese strain Colorado Marijuana Deals F. All in all, Blue Cheese cannabis does know exactly how to bring about bliss for its consumers, easing them on a journey through positivity and elation. Turning my girls on over the weekend! Over time, many "blue cheese strain" banks have produced their own versions of Blue Cheese, partially as to why the widespread distribution occurred so effortlessly. Guests 1 Guest 2 Guests 3 Guests 4 Guests. One of the best strains I have smoked a pleasant high that puts me right in bed and helps me lasagna with cream cheese into dreamland. It was a great "stealth med" though, as the reviewer's physical appearance was unaffected despite the potency.
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