Blue cheese vs gorgonzola

blue cheese vs gorgonzola

Jul 9, On the other hand, Gorgonzola is the type of blue cheese that is founded in Northern Italy and is referred as Italian cheese. It is made up of. Apr 6, Yes, a lot of people are completely repulsed by blue cheese but there are many more who love it. Gorgonzola versus Roquefort versus Stilton. Jul 7, From mild blue cheese to the very strongest, learn all about this fabulous treat. The texture of gorgonzola varies from soft and crumbly to firm.

Blue cheese vs gorgonzola -

You've set the bar pretty high for the rest of us. According to my local cheese expert, Danish Blue and Gorgonzola are considered more on the mild side for a blue cheese and Roquefort and Maytag are generally on the strong end of the spectrum. Starter bacteria along with spores of penicillium laguiole cheese knives and penicillium glaucum are added to it. They wanted to make cheese that was comparable to the almighty Roquefort. Both the Gorgonzola and bleu cheeses are used in risotto, pasta dishes, polenta, salads, and served as a side with buffalo chicken wings.