Can guinea pigs eat cheese

can guinea pigs eat cheese

You are what you eat, and the same can be said for guinea pigs. With all the choices available in pet supply stores, it is difficult to determine what is acceptable. Sep 26, Cheese is loved by many and included in a variety of dishes such as sandwiches . Find out here if guinea pigs can safely eat this food or not. Aug 23, These foods are UNSAFE for guinea pigs or a potential DANGER. Please make sure any food Small guinea pig eating grass Dairy products. Daphne Trackbacks. Fresh Food Do you ever give your piggies wild foods?. Can guinea pigs eat dairy?

Can guinea pigs eat cheese -

She loves tissues too, dirty or clean. I would be concerned about their teeth. Never Feed These Foods to Your Guinea Pig While guinea pigs do enjoy a variety of flavors and types of fruits and vegetables, there are some that you shouldn't offer. Feb 11, A comprehensive guide to what guinea pigs can, and cannot, safely eat drops and other "treats," dairy is not healthy for guinea pigs and can. Mar 24, Guinea pigs are herbivores that would usually spend many hours a day foraging Can I keep guinea pigs and rabbits in the same enclosure?. Whilst your guinea pig will probably eat the cheese their little systems find it hard to handle Guinea pigs are strict herbivores, meaning NO meat and NO dairy.