Can i eat blue cheese while pregnant

can i eat blue cheese while pregnant

Omg i ate blue cheese on my salad a few mins ago and am freaking out after reading the effects it can Lol i knw i should av read before eating but omg Im freaking out. I've never followed those guidelines while pregnant. In a nutshell. Blue cheese is generally not safe in pregnancy, except for Stilton. Stilton is safe to eat. The expert view. Pregnant women should avoid eating soft. Sep 7, Look at the label or ask at the restaurant if the cheese is made from pasteurized milk. Almost anything you get at a regular grocery store will. can i eat blue cheese while pregnant ?Please tell me I can eat this salad dressing because I need it! That said, I have had salads with blue cheese on them since getting pregnant. (basic science) And while we are on the topic of dressing, stay away from most. You can eat some cheeses when you're pregnant, but some should be avoided. Hard, blue-veined cheeses, such as stilton, are less likely to contain listeria. Oct 3, The list of foods that pregnant woman are told not to eat is both However, you can safely eat pasteurized versions, as well as hard cheeses However, unpasteurized cheeses during pregnancy aren't something to risk.