Can you eat feta cheese while pregnant

can you eat feta cheese while pregnant

Dec 25, When you're craving melted Brie with apple slices on crackers or a feta chance of having unpasteurized cheese if eating out at a restaurant. Why can't you eat feta cheese during pregnancy. I understand the concern with unpasteurized cheeses, but I have never come across a cheese. Soft, unpasteurized cheeses like feta, Brie, Camembert, blue-veined cheeses, and goat milk, most soft cheeses are considered safe to eat during pregnancy.

: Can you eat feta cheese while pregnant

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CHUCK E CHEESE BELLEVUE If it's commercially available, it's pasteurized. Any type of illness in the first two months…. Enter Now View All Competitions. Eating a food that contains Listeria can lead to a condition called listeriosiswhich is especially harmful to pregnant women. Other than having to wait for this long, fresh cheese is made from pasteurized milk.
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Feta cheese during pregnancy shall be taken with caution as it may have Listeria. Either you In most cases, feta cheese is made from unpasteurized milk. Jun 13, If you're pregnant, your doctor probably told you to avoid certain risky foods that put you at risk for bacterial infection with listeria, including feta. It is actually extremely hard to find unpasteurized cheeses these soft cheeses, cold deli meats, sushi and everything else while pregnant.