Can you freeze blue cheese

can you freeze blue cheese

can-I-freeze-blue-cheese. In freezing blue cheese, you should keep in mind the following pointers: Wrap a piece of. Get rid of frozen cheese after six months. If blue cheese is kept in the freezer at 0 degrees, it can last indefinitely, which means you can freeze excess cheese. Nov 19, Can I freeze the blue cheese crumbles I use to toss with salads?Answer. Soft cheese should not be frozen, but you can freeze hard and.

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After a full week, you should definitely throw it away. A Anonymous Dec 27, Not Helpful 1 Helpful Raw cheese has live cultures, which can prolong the shelf life of the cheese by keeping away pathogens. Any thoughts on Saint Agur?

Can you freeze blue cheese -

Thanks for letting us know. The first phase is the initial ripening which takes place in the Salting Room. I also didn't know you could freeze it. can you freeze blue cheese How to Freeze Shreaded Cheese