Cheese grater hat

cheese grater hat

Must have one of these to shut up my cheesehead coworkers. So if you have a CHEESE GRATER HAT its a thing you'll have only because of. Graterhead provides NFL football fans with the quintessential answer to the Cheesehead: the GRATERHEAD foam cheese grater hat—perfect for sporting. Nov 5, Bears Fans Troll Cheeseheads with Cheese Grater Headgear Night Football telecast, and they weren't the only ones wearing the hats.

Cheese grater hat -

Mascarpone cheese where to buy Needed 4-sided cheese grater Narrow ribbon in your team's colors Scissors Paint in your team's colors Paint brush Yellow construction paper Glue Felt. Kokemuller is an authorized substitute teacher and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Iowa. For followers of teams playing the Green Bay Packers, whose fans wear "cheesehead" headgear, making a cheese-grater hat seems like an obvious way to show team support. Such outrageous attention-getting props are a fun way cheese grater hat get into the spirit of the game and back your own team. Cut out the wedge and glue it to the top of the grater. Video of the Day. cheese grater hat