Cheese urban dictionary

cheese urban dictionary

Nov 24, I think it's sort of based on the fact that "cheese pizza" is 4chan slang for child porn, and Yep, here's an Urban Dictionary entry from Aug 18, The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is a good place to start. Within the entry for bread, you'll find a slang sense for money, grouped with the. A more accurate definition of cheese in Starcraft 2: A cheese strategy is simply a high risk/high reward tactic which aims to win a game with little strategic effort. cheese urban dictionary

: Cheese urban dictionary

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From that gay ass song where the farmer picks the wife, etc etc and the cheese stands alone. Meant to describe the odd one out in a group because they're. "Cheese" is a heroin-based recreational drug that came to the attention of the media inside and outside the United States after a string of deaths among. oh my goodness, I think my parents are making cheese! gross! by Sheri' June 09, 18 Get the mug. Get a making cheese mug for your brother Trump.