Chili cheese frito corn salad

chili cheese frito corn salad

May 2, Paula Deen Frito Corn Salad is so good and only 6 ingredients! 2 (15 ounce) cans whole kernel corn, drained; 2 cups grated cheddar cheese. Sep 15, This Frito Corn Salad is a side dish for BBQs and potlucks that screams splurge and game time! Use Chili Cheese Fritos for some extra spice. May 24, Crisp veggies, crunchy Fritos corn chips, cheddar cheese and a zippy creamy dressing. This Frito chili cheese corn salad couldn't be easier.

Chili cheese frito corn salad -

Or try adding some diced jalapeno if you want to spice things up a bit. I noticed your recipe does not call for cheese. You may also like: Aug 5, Chili Cheese Fritos Corn Salad: This unique, creamy corn salad is loaded with shredded cheddar cheese and Chili Cheese Fritos!. May 29, This Frito Corn Salad is an appetizer or side dish that everyone absolutely Or, experiment with different Fritos like BBQ or Chili Cheese flavor. Jun 6, Loaded with corn, vegetables, a creamy spiced dressing, and an entire bag of Fritos Chili Cheese corn chips. So many flavors and textures. Paula Deen Frito Corn Salad Recipe