Cooper sharp cheese

cooper sharp cheese

WHERE TO FIND COOPER SHARP. Ready to buy? Awesome! Before you hop in the car, just give your deli a quick call to double-check they have the Cooper. Go ahead, indulge. Give your taste buds the creamy, sharp cheese flavor they're craving. The distinct aged flavor of Cooper Sharp American cheese will make. Mar 9, Why Cooper sharp American cheese is the best, meltiest American cheese.

Cooper sharp cheese -

How much saturated fat is in Cooper Sharp Cheese? Cooper Sharp Cheese Wawa. How much fat is in Cooper Sharp Cheese? This cheese has a wonderful sharp American flavor. It melts easily and makes a great cheese sauce for vegetables or a grilled cheese sandwiches. Just like that, Cooper Cheese was born. By , the company had moved to Philly, and the cheese had pretty much become the Cooper Sharp we all know and. If your taste buds wore socks, Cooper Sharp would knock them clean off. Because Cooper is no ordinary deli cheese. Made with milk and hand-selected aged.