Creole cream cheese

creole cream cheese

The largest August crowd ever seen at the market came out on August 28, , to learn how to make a vanishing New Orleans classic, Creole cream cheese. Aug 2, I made a fresh batch of Creole Cream Cheese yesterday that I finished today. I just ate what you see in the picture, sprinkled heavily with sugar. Yield: 6 containers cream cheese, about 1 1/2 cups each This homemade Creole cream cheese is traditionally eaten for breakfast on toast with butter, salt and.

Creole cream cheese -

Chill and serve with black over the toilet cabinet or fruit. If not, do what I did and order it from Cheese Supply dot com. I still have leftover unused carton and lids from the creamery Sam gave my husband when we met him in Traditionally this cheese was eaten right out of the container with a bit of sugar sprinkled on top, but there are all kinds of ways to eat this delicious product:. Thanks for bringing back the memories! The longer the milk sits, the firmer the cheese will be. Red Beans and Rice - Creole-Style Spicy Red Beans & Rice Recipe