Feta cheese pregnant

feta cheese pregnant

When pregnant, it is important that you be cautious of the type of foods you take, and understand the foods that you should avoid. A good example is feta cheese. May 3, According to the NHS, pregnant women shouldn't eat mould-ripened soft cheese (cheeses with a white rind) such as Brie, Camembert and soft. I had salad with dressing that contained feta cheese and I just find out I've eaten sooo much feta with this pregnancy and baby is perfect and.

Feta cheese pregnant -

The concern is a condition called listeriosis, a bacterial infection that's typically contracted through eating certain foods, including unpasteurized milk and cheeses, says Kelly Jackson, M. If you're eating out in a restaurant that sells cold cured or fermented meats, they may not have been frozen. feta cheese pregnant What to Eat During Pregnancy: How To Avoid Listeria