Ham and cheese hawaiian sliders

ham and cheese hawaiian sliders

Nov 26, Ham and Cheese Sliders - perfect game day snacks and a great way for ham, two cheeses and buttery garlic sauce over Hawaiian rolls. Ham and cheese sliders made with Hawaiian sweet rolls and a buttery poppy seed sauce are great for potlucks and quick and easy to prepare. Cut rolls in half and spread mayo onto 1 side of the rolls. Place a slice or two of ham and slice of swiss cheese in roll. Replace the top of the rolls and bunch them . ham and cheese hawaiian sliders Sliders 10 Ways

Ham and cheese hawaiian sliders -

Make the melted butter topping: In a small bowl, Mix together the butter with garlic powder and Italian seasoning and brush over tops of rolls. Hot Hawaiian Ham & Swiss Cheese Sliders are the ultimate party appetizer, topped with a brown sugar and dijon poppyseed sauce, these are ADDICTIVE!. Mar 2, Once you make these Ham & Cheese Sliders from frogcitycheese.com you'll understand what all of the hype is about. Jul 6, This hawaiian ham and cheese sliders recipe are easy to make. They are the best Hot Ham and cheese sliders! Easy ham sliders recipe.