Hard cheeses

hard cheeses

Some examples of hard cheeses, clockwise from top left: Emmentaler, aged provolalone, Gruyere, manchego, aged Gouda, aged Cheddar, aged pecarino. Cheese type is the overall characteristic of a cheese that can represent many different varieties such as blue, processed, hard, semi-hard cheeses and more. What is Hard Cheese? Hard cheese is cheese that is aged longer, and thus, has a lower moisture content. Being firm—harder—is what makes it a hard cheese.

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Career Resources Jobs Resume Home. Its popularity may be because the flavors are similar to parmesan. A similar curd-washing takes place when making the Dutch cheeses Edam and Gouda. Brined or pickled cheese is matured in a solution of brine in an airtight or semi-permeable container. Parmigiano-Reggiano Parmigiano-Reggiano is perhaps the most popular hard cheese in the country. hard cheeses Channel Cheese - How to break open a Parmesan cheese with Carlo Guffanti