High temp cheese

high temp cheese

High Temperature Cheese comes in either cheddar cheese, hot pepper cheese or mozzarella cheese. High Temperature Cheese allows you to put cheese in your meat products and the cheese will maintain its shape, not melting like ordinary cheese when cooking. Usage: Use 1 lb of high. I use regular cheese in my summer sausage and snack sticks, as does NEPAS ( Rick). Can't recall if anyone else does. To me High Temp. 7 results Our selection of hi-temperature cheeses is sure to make all of your creations irresistible. Heatable up to F without melting, perfect for sausage. high temp cheese Recipe - Smokey Cheddar Pub Burgers (frogcitycheese.com) HIGH TEMPERATURE CHEESE This NEW product is perfect for all sausage products where cheese is added. High temperature cheddar cheese is specially . Ordinary cheese disappears but our High Temp Cheese can take the heat. Sausage is better with cheese baked in! LEM Products | The Leader In Game. Products 1 - 10 of 23 Used at 5% to 10% level, High Temp Cheese gives a creamy flavor to your sausage products. The 1/4" dice is a perfect size for all types of.