How to spice up mac and cheese

how to spice up mac and cheese

Dec 20, On busy weeknights, let a box of macaroni and cheese come to the rescue! Gobble it up as is, or turn it into a casserole, skillet dinner or even. Apr 30, These mac 'n' cheese combos taste so classy, you'd never guess how cheap they are. Aug 20, In our most recent post, we discussed the basics of a roux and the history surrounding this seemingly mysterious sauce. A roux is nothing to be.

How to spice up mac and cheese -

Click here to grab the recipe. Made on the stovetop, with a hint of Dijon, this incredible quesadilla cheese recipe from Smells Like Home will be your new favorite. If you want to be adventurous and try one of our top 6 variations, skip the last part and just follow the directions below! Then place in a degree over for minutes, or until the top is browned. Click here to get the recipe.