Jalapeno cheese cornbread

jalapeno cheese cornbread

Mar 12, You might also think that a whole jalapeño is a lot for just a few small muffins, but the spice is mellowed by the roasting and also by the cheese. Delicious jalapeño cheddar corn bread made with fresh jalapenos and cheddar cheese. A quick and easy side dish for a weeknight meal. Oct 16, Ultra moist and cheesy Jalapeño Cornbread that melts in your mouth! Less than 10 That night, we had cornbread with grilled cheese. It was a.

Jalapeno cheese cornbread -

As well, you can simply reduce the amount of cheese to one or 1. Slice 1 cup cherry tomatoes in half. I like a thick cornbread that crispy on the outside. Last but not least: Please click here to read our updated Policy. New Posts Weekly Recap. jalapeno cheese cornbread

Jalapeno cheese cornbread -

I hope you enjoy it! I made this bread tonight to go with our dinner and my girls each requested it for their lunch boxes tomorrow! Enter your email address Jump to Recipe Print Recipe.