Jello with cream cheese

jello with cream cheese

This makes a wonderful dessert for the holidays, and is very easy to prepare, just make sure that you chill it well before serving - you might want to make two of. JELL-O Salad. This Pineapple & Cream Cheese JELL-O Salad is a great option for potlucks. (6 oz.) or 2 pkg. (3 oz. each) JELL-O Lime Flavor Gelatin. Looking for recipes for jello salad with cream cheese? Taste of Home has the best jello salad with cream cheese recipes from real cooks like you, featuring. Dessert: Peaches and Cream Jello - Natashas Kitchen In a small pot, add 1/2 cup of water and bring to a boil. Remove from heat, add the unflavored gelatin and stir until completely dissolved. Add the cream cheese . Search result for jello cream cheese. easy and delicious homemade recipes. See great recipes for Creamy jello doubles, Pina jello pudding too!. Jul 12, Jello desserts are great any time. Whipping up a jello dessert mixed with cream cheese and fruit, is totally awesome. jello with cream cheese