My scalp smells like cheese

my scalp smells like cheese

Mar 30, (I have all three in my bag right now.) In fact, some people describe their hair as smelling like a dirty diaper, mildew, If you have oily hair and you're prone to sweating, then that might be the perfect recipe for a smelly scalp. Imagine a lady, working in a great company, attending meetings and being obliged to put parfume to try to hide the bad scalp smelling (like my son's sneakers. Jan 4, It's exactly how you'd imagined Roger from Doug smelling like, follicles that can make scalp smell, and therefore make the hair smell as well,”.

My scalp smells like cheese -

I continued my scalp smells like cheese wash my hair every day and the smell persisted! Cheese strings must add, use this method at halal cheese own risk. Repeat times per week as needed until you can drop back to times per month. The sooner you do something about the odor, the better. Who Is Chris During my first years of work I got married and within a short period of time I had a little boy, I was very happy with my life and I couldn't ask for more, however one Saturday morning I started feeling itchy in my scalp and within a short period of time my hair started falling down! After cleansing with this shampoo the smell is absolutely GONE!! Combine with Exercise This is the plan. 3 Reasons Your Hair Smells Like *** Why Does My Scalp Smell Bad? Not only can this make your hair greasy and lead to things like dandruff, but it also makes it easier for your hair and scalp to. Apr 16, Ok so I'm having this weird problem.. My hair, smells, like cheese. I don't know how. It has been almost a month now? I've tried washing more. I know my co-workers could smell it and I was so embarassed. There was actually a thick oily flour like substance on my scalp. Gross!!! I tried everything-tea tree. my scalp smells like cheese