Nacho cheese botulism

nacho cheese botulism

May 22, California health officials confirmed one person died from botulism after eating nacho cheese sauce bought at a Walnut Grove gas station. May 25, California health officials believe there is no ongoing risk of botulism after testing several bags of nacho cheese sauce from the Valley Oak. May 22, A person has died after contracting botulism linked to a toxic batch of nacho cheese sauce sold at Sacramento County gas station, health. nacho cheese botulism May 26, A deadly botulism outbreak linked to nacho-cheese sauce confiscated from a California gas station appears to be limited to an opened bag of. May 23, No, botulism is not spread through human contact. It is found in canned food. May 25, One person has died and nine others have been hospitalized after contracting botulism from eating nacho cheese sauce served at a gas.