Piave cheese

piave cheese

Piave is a cow's milk cheese made in the Piave River Valley region of Belluno, Italy. Shaped as a wheel, it is made from pasteurized milk collected in two. The earliest productions codified with the name “Piave” date back to , an era in which Piave cheese was produced in limited quantities and known only in. The Italian Alps have been known for their stunning picturesque views and local traditions for centuries, and, until recently, Piave cheese was a local cheese that .

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Cheese is made for sharing. Today, as in the past, in the simple but healthy cooking of the Belluno mountains, Piave cheese is the expression of a tradition built around flavour and wholesomeness. Transfer to high mountain pastures during the summer months. The area is perfect for dairy farming due to the lush pastures in the spring and summer from the cool and snowy winters. Perfect for grating, add it to salads, "piave cheese", pastas, soups, piave cheese anything you can think of. Privacy Policy Advertise with us. piave cheese