Potato soup recipe with cream cheese

potato soup recipe with cream cheese

Boil potatoes and onions with enough water to cover potatoes until soft. Do not drain. Remove from heat and add all other ingredients listed. Simmer until. Oct 4, Cream Cheese Potato Soup: Cream cheese is the secret ingredient in this simple yet flavorful potato soup recipe. Feb 20, This Creamy Potato Soup couldn't be any easier. It's cooked all day in the slow cooker and is great for a cold day. Top with bacon, cheese, and.

Potato soup recipe with cream cheese -

Family loved it and they are super taco cheese eaters. More Recipes You Might Like. Instructions First, peel and dice the potatoes and the onion. Notes Beef it up by adding chicken, turkey, ham or bacon to the soup. It helps thicken the soup by releasing some of the starches from the potatoes. "I came up with this soup after I had tried something similar at a restaurant," explains Stacy Cream Cheese Potato Soup Recipe photo by Taste of Home. Feb 26, This recipe was originally posted in February on my old blog, frogcitycheese.com I've updated the pictures and decided to share it. Nov 2, Over medium heat, whisk milk and cream cheese into soup, stirring constantly until cream cheese has fully melted, about 4 minutes. Season. potato soup recipe with cream cheese