Quinoa mac and cheese

quinoa mac and cheese

This creamy and delicious Quinoa Mac and Cheese recipe is a decadent and healthy take on traditional macaroni and cheese. It makes a great side dish. Jan 18, I think the two combined definitely earned me seconds of the incredibly – insanely – mouthwatering Quinoa Macaroni & Cheese I made for. Feb 27, If you are looking for a quinoa recipe that kids love, give this kid-friendly Quinoa Mac and Cheese a try. This Quinoa Mac is the perfect marriage.

Quinoa mac and cheese -

Reporting back that I made the quinoa ahead of time and made the sauce the following day, right before mixing them together to bake and it came out fantastic! Laurie - Simply Scratch on 1. And this version looks so good! This is a new favorite when we want comfort food! I love the looks of this one! It is creamy, cheesy, and even a little crunchy thanks to the topping. Is Caleb eating your cooking now? quinoa mac and cheese Quinoa Mac'n' cheese