Saint angel cheese

saint angel cheese

Buy Saint Angel Triple Cream Brie Cheese (per lb) from Whole Foods Market online and have it delivered to your door in 1 hour. Your first delivery is free. Apr 9, ST. ANGEL (SAINT ayn-GEL). Description: FRANCE - The triple cream speciatly cheese has a thin white delicate rind and incomparable rich. Saint Angel has a velvety covering of fine white mould over its rind, and a soft luscious texture. The cheese has a very clean finish on the palate; it is rich, sweet .

Saint angel cheese -

My cheese had a good bit of age on it, saint angel cheese, with moist beige areas over a wrinkly rind and a hint of ammonia setting in on the corners. It is also a bit thinner than Saint Andre, which, in part, gives it one really big bonus: Saint Andre usually will not ripen all the way to the middle until it is in severe old age and well past its peak as a. Both Saint Angel and d'Affinois are modern cheeses made using the ultra-filtration process. Saint Angel is everything you could ask for in a cheese.