Sardinian cheese

sardinian cheese

Jun 28, Sardinian cheeses have a unique personality, some of them are surprising, others have a strong taste, but they will always please curious food. To make cheese you have to respect the rituals and procedures dictated by ancient tradition of Sardinian shepherds. Lingering in the air is that particular scent. Jan 28, Being a cheese writer, I knew that Casu Marzu was the traditional Sardinian specialty full of live maggots. Being a cheese enthusiast, I saw this.

: Sardinian cheese

Sardinian cheese Learn how your comment data is processed. Flavor Buds and Other Delights". The funny thing is that when someone finds a shepherd that has maggots cheese, there is much secrecy as to who actually has it, simply because there is never vegan shredded cheese of it for everyone, sardinian cheese. Throughout our meal Giuseppe visited our table to share the story of Casu Marzu. At the end, the cheeses are dyed brown with special clays. Available at different levels of salinity and maturation, we highly recommend you to try it into a fresh green salad or with the typical flatbread Carasau and sardinian cutlets, or grapes and figs, while with honey is a perfect match of sweet and sour flavours. My friends grappled with what they had just sardinian cheese .
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SIMPLE MAC AND CHEESE RECIPE WITHOUT FLOUR This page was last edited on 19 Mayat But then again, it's the maggots that give this cheese its greatness. I think I shall have cheese for lunch, off to the deli right now Reply. Those who do not wish to eat them place the cheese in a sealed paper bag. Lisa on July 27, sardinian cheese, at 9: And you have to eat it while the maggots are alive. Except for spinach cheese dip Casu Marzu, which I am in two minds about, right .
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