Smiths country cheese

smiths country cheese

Smiths Country Cheese Dave Aided by his wife Carol, daughter Jennifer, and an excellent staff, Dave loves showcasing his milk from his herd of Holsteins. Smith's Country Cheese has been a family-owned-and-operated, working dairy farm and creamery for over thirty years. Our Holstein cows live a happy life. I can't say enough good things about Smith's Country Cheese-the cheese is amazing, friendly service, fun family-friendly events, and a great selection at their gift.

: Smiths country cheese

Smiths country cheese Check out some of their cheese at a number of New England farm stands, grocery stores, and other specialty retail establishments or order it online. Some of this milk is then brought directly up to our cheese making facility where it is pumped into the cheese vat. After the addition of culture good bacteria which give cheese flavor and texture and rennet used to make the protein particles clump together and to separate richard cheese songs milk into solids and liquidsthe heated milk slowly begins to turn to curds solids and whey liquids, "smiths country cheese". Shop stones from Smith's Country Cheese! It was still laying there, shuddering from the cold, discovering the world for the first time. He took the time personally to show us around the shop and the property, pointing out some of passion projects, showing where the cheese made and the cows were milked, and talking excitedly about the stone we would take and turn into beautiful Smiths country cheese Slabs.
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The whey is drained away, and the curds are cut into blocks. As the owner of one of the largest independent cheese producers in New England, Dave Smith is a busy man. Our Gouda rivals any made in the Netherlands: It has the same mild taste, . Otter River Black Gold from Smith's Otter River Farm is brought to you by the From Route 2, Exit Follow signs to Smith's Country Cheese, then go to barn. Our gift boxes are made with love and are a wonderful, unique gift for all. smiths country cheese