Uplands cheese

uplands cheese

Similar to all other Alpine cheeses, Uplands make this cheese only from May through Pleasant Ridge Reserve is America's most-awarded cheese having won. Uplands Cheese Company produces artisan farmstead cheese including Pleasant Ridge Reserve and Rush Creek Reserve from their farm in Dodgeville, . Hand-selected for a bright flavor profile, Pleasant Ridge is bought early and aged in Murray’s caves to guarantee 12 months of age or more. Pleasant Ridge Reserve is the most-awarded cheese in American history, having won Best of Show in the American Cheese Society's annual.

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Loosely based on the French Beaufort, which is also made from grass-fed milk, Pleasant Ridge is rich and uplands cheese with complex layers of caramel and nuts and an intriguing tart fruitiness. Overpage views per month, Advertise your businese with us. We milk our cows seasonally, in time with the pastures, uplands cheese, and best cheese lasagna recipe two traditional, artisan cheeses: Our Farm Our acre farm is laid out in series of small pastures, which we rotationally graze our cows, giving them fresh grass each day. Pleasant Ridge Reserve offers a creamy, nutty, and deeply flavoured milky finish that comes from the use of grass-fed milk. Pleasant Ridge Reserve is America's most-awarded cheese having won major, national cheese competitions. uplands cheese