Whole foods cheese platter

whole foods cheese platter

French Brie, Gorgonzola or Blue Cheese, Fresh Goat Milk Chevre, Swiss Gruyere , English Cheddar, Smoked Holland Gouda, garnished with Fig Nut Cake and. Oct 24, Be the toast of your holiday party with an elegant and delicious cheese plate. Here are three wow-worthy combinations to try at your next. One key to enjoying cheese for dessert is to include a touch of sweetness as accompaniments. Honey, fresh or dried fruit, and gently spiced chutneys provide . whole foods cheese platter Whole Foods Specialty Cheese Platters. PERFECT FOR PARTIES & ENTERTAINING! Everyday Value Platter. Brie de Paris. Danish Blue. Havarti. Cheddar. Fresh Fruit. Aug 31, Resin cheese platter and Laguiole cheese knives (pictured above) from The . Fun fact: Whole Foods Market's Global Cheese buyer, Cathy. Feb 6, Creating an amazing cheese plate is no joke. And with this super affordable and tasty plate? You'll be cheesin' by the end.